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On the volume of the water tank. If you plan to clean the entire apartment with this appliance, look for a steam cleaner with a capacity of at least 1.5-2 liters. For washing the stove or steaming clothes, a small manual steam cleaner with a volume of 300-500 ml is well suited.

On a complete set. Are you going to clean your clothes? Look for a device with a fabric nozzle and a special hanger. Accessory sets vary by model.
On the length of the cord. The device works only from the network. Cleaning the floor in a large room with a cord length of 1.5 m will not be easy!
For the duration of continuous operation. Steam cleaners can work for 10 minutes or 1.5 hours without interruption.
If you do not know how to choose a steam cleaner, pay attention to the following recommendations:

  • ease of use depends on the configuration (nozzles, brushes, cable length);
  • the duration of use depends on the capacity of the water tank and pressure;
  • many budget devices are not inferior to premium ones with the exception of the scope;
  • premium goods are suitable not only for the home, but also for offices, warehouses;
  • there are steam cleaners designed for glasses, cars, clothes.


Kärcher SC5 EasyFix bästa ångtvättar

Karcher SC 5 EasyFix is ​​the most powerful among steam cleaners. A 1.5 liter water tank heats up to full operating temperature in 3 minutes thanks to a power of 2200 watts. The kit comes with many nozzles for cleaning various surfaces, and protection against overheating and protection from children will make using the device safe.


  • Steam cleaner for large areas and difficult tasks: up to 150 m2 of clean surfaces before filling the tank (1.5 l).
  • VapoHydro function: steam with hot water for effective removal of pollution (forced supply of 250 g / min).
  • Convenient floor cleaning with a special nozzle with a flexible connection.
  • Topping up water during the process, indication of insufficient water level.
  • Child lock
  • Safety valve, overheat protection.
  • Mobility: 2-wheel base, 6 m power cable, 2.3 m steam hose.
  • Possibility to connect a steam iron (optional).
  • Heating in 3 minutes.
  • Convenient storage: compartment for cable and accessories.
  • Long warranty.


  • Steam flow controller only on the unit itself.
  • Price.

Hoover CAD1700D

Hoover CAD1700D bäst i test

Powerful – 2200 watts. Steam production – 45 g / min. Tank capacity 1.5 l. Beautiful plastic case in blue and blue colors. The telescopic stand. Steam hose 1.5 m. Key control on the gun. Manual 2 meter cord winding. Creates a vapor pressure of 143 ° C in 4 atmospheres. Heats water in 2 minutes. It works for 1000 minutes. Light weight – 4.7 kg. Additional functions: steam supply is regulated, there is a safety valve and automatic shutdown, it turns off when there is not enough water in the tank. Storage compartment for nozzles.

Nozzles: scraper, spot, brush, for the floor, brushes with metal and polymer bristles, a towel from the towel, extension tubes, a holder for clothes, a measuring cup, for continuous operation the valve is topped up in the tank.


  • High build quality.
  • You can add water during operation.
  • Simple and convenient draining of water.
  • Powerful unit, produces a strong stream of steam.
  • High-speed heating.
  • Excellent complete set.
  • Steam flow adjustable.
  • There is a system of protection against overheating, with a lack of working fluid.
  • You can always buy branded supplies.


  • Short cord.
  • Weak nozzle with a cloth.
  • There is no mechanical winding of the cord.
  • For steaming clothes is not suitable, makes it wet.

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