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Inspirational Contemporary Furniture of the 21st Century

What items can be defined as inspirational when it comes contemporary furniture in the 21st century?

Inspirational furniture designs generally relate to items that allow you to make the most of space, and that also use reclaimed materials, unusual designs, and that integrate technology in distinctive ways.

Different items of furniture, from contemporary sofas to multi-functional items, can be viewed, then, as providing ways of inspiring your next interior decor project.

Cloud Sofas

These sofas epitomize trends in furniture design for modularity, whereby the sofa can be taken apart in different ways and re-assembled; Clouds sofas are particularly notable for their simple but effective style, which includes two and three seater sizes, and a combination of high quality fabrics and reinforced metal for longevity.

Element Coffee Tables

If you want to experiment with a minimalist interior decoration scheme, Element coffee tables are a good way forward – they include a marble top with simple metal legs, and can represent an effective statement item for front rooms.

Reclaimed Furniture

Part of green furniture trends, reclaimed furniture involves using materials like wood and metal that have had a previous purpose, and that can be shaped into classic tables, chairs, and other items, while still retaining distinctive colours and patterns as a result of their age.

Multi-Functional Furniture

There are many types of furniture that can be easily adapted depending on its purpose – for example, contemporary storage beds are notable for their sliding drawers, which make them an excellent idea for small bedrooms and children’s rooms.

Integrated Technology

You can now find many items of furniture that come with technology integrated into them – this might include coffee tables with iPhone docks built into them, or USB ports in chairs and tables for connecting up laptops and other devices.

Convertible Sofas

Another example of modular trends, convertible sofas can be made from moulded plastics and other materials, and are designed to be broken apart and assembled in specific ways, while still using comfortable cushions and backs for main pieces.

Pendant Lights

Designers such as Aerti Kirschschlag have recently produced pendant lights as intriguing additions to interior decor – these pendant lights can be used as an ideal accompaniment to to dining rooms and traditional tables.

Accent Chairs

A trend that’s been adapted in the past few years to make the most of the traditional appeal of matching chairs as part of a bathroom suite, contemporary accent chairs offer you the opportunity to experiment with minimalist styles, or bolder, more graphic prints.

Bold Mirror Designs

There are many examples of contemporary mirror design that take items into more unusual places – some bold mirror designs include those that are actually miniature cameras used to produce a pixellated reflection.

Unusual Storage

You can experiment with different types of storage, which can involve divided chests of drawers that can be disassembled and put back together depending on needs – other examples of this approach include transformer shelves made using different blocks, as well as corner storage shelves that fit into the ceiling alcoves of a room.

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