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TV Stands: Choosing a Suitable One

Many different TV stands are available in the market today. They can be made from a variety of materials including glass, metal, and wood.  Here are three tips on how to choose the most suitable TV stand for your particular needs.


First, consider the size and weight of your TV.  When choosing a TV stand you also need to consider the number of accessories that you will be using alongside the TV.  If you have a DVD player, Xbox, Wii Fit or other electronic games you might consider a larger TV stand, or one with more shelves to accommodate all those electronic gadgets.  Your TV stand should be big and strong enough to hold all of the items without collapsing.

Next, decide whether you need open or closed shelving with decorative mirrors or without.  If you are having a home entertainment or gaming system attached to your TV, you will want to plan for its ventilation.  This is because heat is generated during normal operation.  A fully enclosed cabinet may cause overheating and cause your electronic equipment to malfunction.  It may also shorten the lifespan of your TV in the process.  You would need vents in the top and bottom of the cabinet’s back panel to avoid this.  Having open shelving would solve all ventilation issues.  However, it can be quite unsightly if there are wires left hanging  messily all over.  This can be easily solved with a cable management system which helps give it a clean clutter-free look.

Finally, you must choose a material for your TV stand.  Metal, wood or glass?  Which one would be best?  Durability of the material is the first thing you look at while choosing your TV Stand.  Another point of consideration is if the stand will blend into the existing decor of the room.

If you’re in a search for the right TV stand there are many websites where you can find a wide selection at affordable prices.

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